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Feel Free to request more information, test my resolve and knowledge!

​​As General Manager or Senior VP

Understanding the vision and implementing the Operational and sales leadership requirements. Keeping team members and management focussed on the task at Hand. Leading Meeting to be efficient. Keeping an open door policy at all times irregardless on personal Mood.

Building a team

Age: 38

HOMETOWN: Vancouver

Current Employment:

Kintetsu Canada

- National Perishable Development - Supply Chain

West Coast Wild Foods USA



Fast Moving Goods Logistics

Domestic Airfreight Solutions

                     (Pioneered a few )


DC By-pass

Sales and Marketing

Management and Leadership

​Company Growth Strategies

​Talent Management

Building Reports

Presenting current business state

Plan and execute state evolution to desired conditions


Ownership, Investors psychology

Hi! My name is

​As General Manager or Senior VP

Building the MAP ( Business Plan), Providing direction, enthusiasm and having the EQ to be compasionate when needed are skills that I have developed. When one of the cars on the train of success derails - being able to identify it and put it back on track is the analagy I use to explain my ability for focussed vision on the Move.

As Operations and General Manager

The American Government during Obama’s Tenure brought much needed evolution on the Food Safety Topic in North America. This has pushed Critical Points review for food safety. I have clear and proficient understanding in GFSI, HACCP along with FDA and CFIA standards and navigation requirements.

Sales Leadership

Past Positions:

FFAF -Logistics 2013 - 16

- Senior VP

Pro-East -Logistics 2012 - 13
- General Manager

Kuehne and Nagel -

Logistics - 2009 - 12
- National Business Developer

DB Schenker - 2005 - 09
- Account Executive

Day to Day Ability:


Forklift operator

Up to 5 ton driving

Training all of the above

Full Range Office operations

​Customer Service

Accounting entry

Accounting data reading

Management and leadership roles

Plan review and performance

All above training others capability

Professional Skills

Core Values:

Good Listener






Looks at things from other's                                      perspectives

Pay Attention to details

Team Work

Teaching others

Learning from others

Keep Learning ALWAYS.

As Warehouse Agent to Senior VP

In the realm of Perishable Logistics I became Prolific. I learned Logistics from the prespective of an excellent warehouse operator to the perspective a SVP Global Head Perishables Logistics. I furthered engaged my learning curve to understanding and developing last mile solutions that have allowed companies to grow and compete in the current competitive environment.

​​As General Manager or Senior VP

300 tons/Y - 5000 tons/ Y - 09-12

400 000 to 2.6 million in sales / Y -12-13

​7 to 23 + million Sales/ Y - 13 - 16

1.1 to 3.2 GP Million / Y 14 - 16

2 team members to 12 / Y 17 - 18

Brought togerther 5 Business Cultures successfully / Y 18-19

Food Safety Standards

​As Operations and General Manager

I have consistently lead company growth in every Opportunity I took on. I understood from the beginning of my Career that success and winning is found with the team you build and select to evolve with. I understand the power of Positive leadership.

Pablo Rodriguez

Proven Company Growth

I have spent countless hours thinking and trying to explain to myself the words; "About Me"
 I asked myself; "what about ME" - I could only come up with: "It is not about ME". It is about US. My successes are a result of the teams I've had the opportunity to develop and engage over my career. I have helped other like they have helped me achieve success. I once read that alone one can go fast but as a team - a selfless team we can go far. * Quote unknown 

A team becomes prolific if the Coach (Operational or General Manager) provides good direction and is able to understand the mindset of his players. The coach must build the environments and conditions for the team to evolve. Train the team to understand their roles in that environment and ensure to reward good output and out performance in a balanced format.  

I have been exposed to countless situations where the owner(s) or investor(s) displayed cognitive dissonance. Navigating through that discovery is extremely difficult and requires an elevated communicative platform. 

One must possess the ability to return the individual(s) with cognitive dissonance to the place of trust which is important to build with character and rapport. Once that is achieved it is time to return to the core elements of the business plan. 

I learned that most of these situations can be resolved in the initial stages of the business plan, the yearly plan or at meeting times to discuss company performance.  

At times especially when the inner weaknesses of our psyche surfaces we encounter problems that can cause the end of a business relationship.

Why is this important? 

For obvious reasons and more importantly because Valuable Time is lost which causes financial lost.

During volatile or even during amazing successful times owner(s) and Management's unchecked ego may surface.  It is important to have an area in the relationship where the owner(s)/ investor(s) and Management can be taken to in order to discuss the projection of the Ego. Fears are normally the reason why the Ego surfaces. Dissecting the fears as a team is an important step to return from chaos.

To better understand the meaning of the Founder's Dilemma and Founder's Disease. Not a term I agree with however it relates to a piece written by Noam Wasserman, and combined with a piece written by the latter - Harry R. Rozakis. Those written works have best explained my understanding of working with small to medium business models.

 I have come up with this analogy -

Simply put an owner is the seed of the business. He owns the DNA that birth the business. His leap into the abyss of the unknown belongs to him. Imagine the fear involved in leaving the system of certainty and order to enter the realm of the unknown and perceived chaos. An Empathetic, respectful and supportive mindset is required to achieve success with Owner(s) and Investor(s). The most valued attribute an owner(s) or investor(s) appreciates and respects is RESULTS, The business books do NOT lie. Those results are found in the Accounting software data. The data's interpretation is a matter on having a clear, common and agreed ground in the beginning of the business plan. 

I chose the Seed as a key word to plant the above idea in the following analogy.

I puzzled for 3 years on how to explain my above understanding of business to someone like my 9 year old son.

What is the seed of the business? - what is a seed and how does a seed become? what it is meant to become when it is planted?.

I read and spent time with farmers (water and land), gardeners, and business owners to understand the role of seeds. I leaned that seeds become the perfect version of what they were intended to become through having the right environment and conditions. I learned that seeds have to feed according to their needs. Their needs vary due to conditions controlled by Mother Nature or a Green House. Creating the perfect conditions requires constant and consistent effort. It is hard work.

Let’s imagine the business is the seed. The environment and conditions is the business plan and it's operational embodiment. Mother Nature is the volatile aspect of the market place. Constant and Consistent work is the management’s ability to train team members, to bring forth sales plan to fruition, and to ensure enthusiasm is part of the business culture.

 Plant the seed in the best possible environment, keep the right conditions and remember to feed the seed consistently and it shall grow to become.

Above all one needs to understand the Character of the people whom we engage in doing business with. It is important to share similar morals and Values. No 2 humans are equal in their belief centers, however there are core elements that are NON - Negotiable. One must identify them for themselves and Identify them with whom you engage business with. Specially in a partnership or in an upper management positions.