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Achieve company growth of 

300 tons/Y - 5000 tons/Y - 2009-2012

400 000 to 2.6 million in sales -12-13

​7 - 23 + millions Sales/ Y - 13 - 16

1.1 to 3.2 GP Million / Y 14 - 16

I have lead growth of company from 9 employees to 46 within 24 month. Found raw talent and positive attitude to generate incredible growth. I Understand the power of Positive leadership.

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Professional Skills

Pablo Rodriguez

Hi! My name is

Proven Growth

Agile Business Mind

I have the ability to create and execute in business during highly volatile times by remaining agile, flexible and adaptable.


Experienced in EU, NA Logistic Mindsets

I believe in the power of helping others both in personal and business matters. Mix it together with the need to compete by being the best in my field or making sure to bring value to the team I represent - that ensures I get results.

My appetite for learning, that simply keeps me Agile! 

Over the last 14 years I have worked my way up from an Aircraft Belly Loader to becoming the Perishable Commodity Specialist - National Manager for KWE.

I Now have the privilege of working for an incredible organization that is dedicated to their employees quality of life and the highest level of customer experience.  A winning Combination!

Please feel free to request references should you have interest in working with Me and KWE Canada - Several Dozen of my long time customers will tell you that I have enabled them to grow via the solutions that I have created over the years.

Age: 36
HOMETOWN: Vancouver
Employment: Kintetsu Canada


Fast Moving Goods Logistics

Domestic Airfreight Solutions

                      (Pioneered a few )


DC By-pass

Sales and Marketing

Management and Leadership

​Company Growth Strategies

​Much More - Ask me, Would love to be of service